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Muscle and ligament injuries include ankle sprains, bruising, tendinitis or muscle strains. Many injuries of this type occur due to overuse, such as with participation in sports. Despite this, people experience muscle and ligament injuries due to an acute injury, which causes mild to severe damage and occurs during a car accident, assault or workplace injury.

The ligaments attach bones to other bones inside the body, which creates each joint. Damage to the muscles or ligaments causes immediate pain and, depending on the extent of the damage, long-term impairment. The method in which the damage occurred also plays a role in the prognosis.

Man having leg muscle taped

Injuries sustained in car accidents can take many weeks or months to heal, while those sustained in slip and fall cases may take several weeks. Some of the most important aspects of muscle and ligament injury are as follows:

Medical testing: The plaintiff should gather as much medical evidence as possible by visiting specialists who can provide a proper diagnosis. X-Rays can help identify torn ligaments and a specialist in orthopedics can assist with a firm diagnosis.

Medical recovery: The plaintiff should actively work on returning to his original condition. This may require the services of a rehabilitative specialist, such as a physical therapist. In severe situations, the ligaments may be beyond full recovery, at which time the plaintiff may need to change his lifestyle and purchase support equipment, such as knee or meniscus braces.

Negligence: The plaintiff’s attorney must prove the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of safety, breached that duty and caused the injury.

Calculating compensation: The extent of the injury determines how much the plaintiff is likely to receive in damages. Plaintiffs who require extensive rehabilitative services can request a larger sum for lost wages, medical bills, medical equipment and pain and suffering.

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