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Cruise ship accidents are not as rare as most people think. Los Angeles hospitals see a various number of cruise ship accident victims each year. There are many opportunities for an accident to occur while aboard a cruise ship, but some of them could been avoided with better training of cruise ship personnel and maintenance to the ship and it’s facilities. Our personal injury attorneys at C and M Law Corporation Law Firm have extensive experience representing victims cruise ship accidents.

Even though minor injuries are really common, and cruise ships have a clinic on board to treat it’s crewmen and passengers, cruise ship accidents have caused serious injuries, including death. 

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Any accident victim on board that requires immediate medical attention may suffer from the delay in transporting them to shore via helicopter. In the event of an emergency, the victim’s families should contact one of our professional cruise ship accident lawyers as soon as possible to ensure that access to any required medical treatment. Our early involvement is critical for any victims that do not have the sufficient coverage under a medical insurance policy to fund any source of treatment.

Unsecured storage of any supplies by negligent crewmen can lead to serious accidents as the ship pulsates across the sea. Ships do have the ability to lose power, thus leaving passengers immobile and only able to float around until help finally arrives. Other ships have had diseases and viruses that can spread through the population of the ship which includes all passengers and crew members. Cruise ship accident victims are more prone to receive critical injuries, such as broken bones or trauma to the head, as a result of a fall or trip on board the ship. To assess the extent and long-terms costs of your medical treatment and rehabilitation with as much accuracy as possible, the accident injury attorneys at C and M Law Corporation Law Firm can acquire an expert medical testimony. Our medical experts have evaluated the extent of many types of injuries, which includes:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Water related accidents that incur lung damage
  • Fractures and dislocated bones
  • Cuts and severe lacerations

To represent your interests to the court and the negligent party’s insurance company, your best choice is a cruise ship accident attorney with maritime law experience. The personal injury attorneys of C and M Law Corporation Law Firm have represented cruise ship accident victims by securing a financial settlement that has satisfied both their immediate, and long-term needs.

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