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When you discover the car accident that broke both your legs, bruised your spine, and cost you a spleen was caused by someone tweeting about seeing the Hollywood sign for the first time, you might want to pursue a settlement that is not only fair but also punishes the other driver for being so careless with your life.

The law as it stands

Currently, according to California law, distracted driver accidents are entitled to the same damages awarded ordinary negligence in a traffic accident. That means C and M Law Corporation would seek damages for your present and future medical bills, rehabilitation, lost income, lost opportunity, and pain and suffering.

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What we do for you

At C and M Law Corporation, we pride ourselves on being personal injury professionals. We negotiate and when necessary litigate for the settlement you need and deserve. In cases of texting while driving, California and insurance companies agree that it is as dangerous and possibly egregious.

How to prove texting while driving

Unlike a DUI, it can be difficult to show texting while driving at the scene of the accident, however there are ways to show texting while driving after the fact. They include:

  • Subpoenaed cell phone records;
  • Police reports indicating the other driver had a cell phone;
  • Eyewitnesses either in the car or in passing cars;
  • Video surveillance footage.

Any distracted driving case requires thorough investigation. Our experience with distracted driving cases helps us to prove negligence by the other driver no matter what the distraction was.

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